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PRYZM Cricket was founded by friends Matt Watkins and Liam Duignan in Worcestershire, UK, following a shared a love for cricket, creative design, an interest in revolutionary brands and a passion to create something that challenged the status quo.

One day in 2015 with a combined frustration at the lack of modernisation within the cricket industry, we came together a formed a clear vision to create a new brand that would appeal to cricketers like ourselves, who were looking for something more.

Our aim of the brand is to produce premium kit that has purpose, with the best materials available whilst offering excellent and honest customer service.

From professional handmade English willow cricket bats, creatively designed apparel to our uniquely ergonomically designed batting gloves, all of our products go through the same stages of design, from an initial sketch through to the finished end product delivered to your door.

We promise to create a beautifully designed cricket kit that instils you with confidence, combined with a unique and personal customer experience.
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