The Sockstar Project is our chosen charity partner for 2021.

As a family, we are animal lovers and we believe in every effort being made to conserve wildlife species across the globe and to give support to those that are making a difference out in the field. We are signing up to make monthly donations, you can do the same via the links below.

Check out their story.

We strive for Wildlife Rangers and on-the-ground conservationists to have their basic needs met. Whether by supplying them with the boots, socks or pants they need to work in comfort, we are behind them, every step of the way.


Wildlife Rangers are critical to the success of conservation efforts. Whilst they receive weapons and technologies, often basic welfare personal needs are missed. We are changing that, one sock, one boot and one ranger at a time.

Check out their website here, buy some socks here or just make a donation here!

We wish Lew and the team the best of luck.