Hi, my name is Michael Thorpe and with the help of my Dad, Ash Thorpe, we have created our very own company, North East Sports Supplies

Our aim is to provide outstanding products by sourcing Independent UK companies to stock and sell on their behalf. We believe cricket in particular is ruled by the 'big' brands but we know club cricketers are being charged extortionate prices for the privilege of using these brands. We have a great connection with Kippax and we are looking to promote other brands who make outstanding equipment that is not only of outstanding quality but is also affordable.

Being based in the North East of England, just outside of Durham, we offer a new catchment area to suppliers from all regions of the country and beyond as we have contacts all over the globe. We want to bring that sporting network closer together and provide a retail experience where customers can look at brands across multiple sports and find something that suits their needs and budget.

We are growing almost daily, with new brands and products coming online all the time.

Check us out, you wont be disappointed!


Me and the old man!